Alexandra Egan Encourages Others to Stand Up to the Status Quo and Lead Positive Transformations in International Bestseller

Oct 9, 2020

Alexandra Egan is one of 25 authors opening up in the fourth volume of the internationally bestselling book series, Change Makers.

Melbourne, Australia - October 10, 2020 /MarketersMedia/ —

Not many women would walk willingly into a job at an all-male state prison with a largely male workforce. But all women are not Alexandra Egan. In the international bestseller, Change Makers, Volume 4, she issues a call to action for readers to step into their power and shares how her can-do attitude and direct approach have paved the way to positive results.

Egan’s is one of 25 personal short stories from women around the world who have faced challenging situations and spearheaded meaningful change in their respective niches and have spurred far-reaching results. Each chapter is written in the contributor’s own words and topics cover the gamut from business, philanthropy, motherhood and relationships.

Egan lives her life via this simple and straightforward philosophy: “Step out, step up and step into your Power. You've got this.'' In her energizing chapter of the book, Egan recounts how she has lived that mantra throughout a career spent largely in in high-pressure environments, where there was little or no room for error – including prison, government organizations and corporations. With an eye continually on affecting change, the common thread to just about any problem she encountered in various settings led back to lack of communication, connection and understanding.

“We spend our lives looking to find our true self; hiding behind the masks; hoping, wishing, and waiting so maybe, just maybe, one day we will find the confidence and the courage to be seen, be heard and be accepted. My goal is to help people to be their authentic selves and avoid the two most debilitating phrases in the English language: I can’t and I don't know if I can. These cut off whatever breakthroughs may be waiting for you around the corner,” explained Egan. “With Change Makers, I am excited to be able to share this message with a large audience and to see that the message is indeed resonating with readers.”

Egan today is a multi-award-winning international facilitator, speaker and author who also wears the hats of leadership & communication strategist, certified meta practitioner and behavioural profiler.

“Alexandra is strong and confident and wants others to feel the same way so they can lead and achieve. Having her as one of the Change Makers’ authors will undoubtedly energize our readers. When women believe in themselves and their innate gifts and strengths, anything is possible,” said Emma Hamlin, founder of Change Maker Press, which gives women a platform to be heard while giving readers a dose of positive energy and strength.

Change Makers: 25 Transformational Stories from Women Making an Impact in the Lives of Others (Volume 4) is an Amazon bestseller in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia.

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